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Welcome to Walpole Car Wash


Walpole's Longest Running Car Wash -- WCW has been under the same continuous ownership for over 27 years.

Walpole's Only Touchless Car Wash -- When we remodeled 17 years ago, we made a conscious decision as "early adopters" to go touchless in anticipation of the new, improved method of washing.

Walpole's Only Car Wash Capable of Cleaning Odd Shaped Vehicles or Devices Automatically -- We wash vehicles up to 20' long/7' high.

Walpole's only FULLY AUTOMATIC Wash -- We offer the convenience and safety of you being in the car while your vehicle is being washed on your schedule as we are open 6am-10pm.

Proven To Be A Business Winner -- 70% of all new car washes installed are TouchfreeWashes for these reasons:

Proven Effective by Vehicle Owner Acclaim -- Overwhelmingly, patrons are showing their preference for touchless washing versus friction.

Proven Safe Through Repeated Use and Insurance Statistics -- Vehicles that are washed on a regular basis last longer and retain their value.

Proven Versatile -- In 38 countries around the world, each with its own unique climate, water, and regulations, LaserWash 4000 is successfully washing vehicles.

Clearly, touchless car washing is the industry's preference for overall cleaning, safety, and return on investment..... It is also the consumers'. This marketplace match, combined with WCW's insight, experience, and convenient operation creates.... Our Clear Coated Difference


Winter Hours - Walole Car Wash strives to make sure our facility is ready for business and stays open for our normal business hours each and every day and as often as we can during winter months. However, under certain conditions (very cold temps or large amounts of snow) we may have to delay our opening, or close early, or not open at all. We will do our very best to be open as much as possible during the winter months.

 Walpole Car Wash offers....
  Automatic Washes * Vacuums * Self Serve Wash
All Facilities Operate by Coins and/or Bills
Change Maker on Premises
Fully Lighted All Night
Totally Touchless & Automatic
LaserWash 4000 * LaserDri
   Our Fully Automatic Touchless Bays Accept Credit Cards!
We offer gift certificates.

Walpole Car Wash | 1357 Main Street, Walpole, MA 02081 | Phone: 508-668-4666 |